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    WS-HT implementation of your choice

    Rafal Rusin Newbie



      I see you have WS-HT integration in futures in roadmap (http://www.jboss.org/riftsaw/roadmap.html). Do you think, you could integrate your RiftSaw with Apache HISE? http://incubator.apache.org/hise/



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          Gary Brown Master

          Hi Rafal


          This is just a placeholder in the plan at the moment. We haven't discussed exactly how it will be implemented, although we have been following the submission and subsequent incubation of HISE - so it is definitely of interest.




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            Kurt Stam Master

            Hi Rafal,


            I noticed you are a comitter on the HISE project (as well as ODE). I'd love to find out some more about HISE:


            1. What do you think it would entail to integrate HISE into Riftsaw, and would it be easy to contribute the integration back to ODE?


            2. What is the HISE roadmap. How far are you guys along with the implementation and what is the roadmap?


            3. Would you guys be willing to help out with the integration?


            4. What tooling does HISE provide (are they plugins to an IDE, or web-based).


            5. What are some strong points of HISE? We have an HT implementation as part of the Drools project and it'd be interesting to compare the two.


            6. Would it be possible to integrate using interfaces, so that you can plug in either HISE or another project?


            I may have more questions later . This should be a good start though to get some discussion going! Love to hear your thoughts on some of this.