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    JBoss running Seam behind Apache

    Florian Petersen Newbie


      i'm not sure if this is the correct location for my question, but i couldn't post this to the Seam discussions cos of an error...


      I want to put a JBoss (5.1) running the Seam Framework behind an Apache (2.2) webserver. My application uses links like <s:link view="/somepage.xhtml" .../> My JBoss runs on port 8080, and i use the ProxyPass directives to pass requests to Apache's port 80 to JBoss' port 8080:


      <VirtualHost *:80>
          ServerName myserver
          ProxyPass /app http://localhost:8080/app
          ProxyPassReverse /app http://localhost:8080/app

      This works for the initial request, so if i call http://myserver/app, my JBoss application shows up correctly.

      The problem now is that the mentioned links are rendered like this:

      <s:link view="/somepage.xhtml" .../> => <a href="http://localhost:8080/app/somepage.seam" ...>...</a>

      But of course they should be rendered to <a href="http://myserver/app/somepage.seam" ...>...</a>


      So how can i forward the requests transparently? Rewrite Rules? mod_jk? Or set some kind of base URL in Seam... I expect this to be a standard problem, and i have found some entries saying mod_jk is the default choice for putting JBoss behind Apache, but i still don't know if this solves my problem...


      So thanks a lot for your help,

      best regards