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    Partial content refresh?

    Søren Hilmer Newbie

      Will/does GateIn provide partial content refresh, like the old JBoss Portal?

      I hope so we rely heavily on that feature, as we have Google Maps in portlets with lots of markers and a full page refresh is totally unacceptable.



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          rafael liu Newbie

          GateIn suports AJAX. You can create JSF + RichFaces portlets and even Seam portlets.


          Don't know if that's your case, but you can take advantage of RichFaces' Google Map component.

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            Søren Hilmer Newbie

            I do not use JSF+RichFaces right now, might do it if it solves this problem.


            By using this can I stop full page refreshes from happening, in this situation:


            1. one portlet on the page draws a google map wit lots of markers

               (this portlet is not listening for portlets events and thus does not take part in the event loop mechanism)

            2. second portlet changes state and sends an event.


            Now I want that the second portlet and other portlets on the page that are listening for the event, gets re-rendered but the map-portlet does not.


            This is easily achieved in the old portal by specifying that all portlets on the page are using partial-content refresh.


            Can I do this using JSF-Richfaces on GateIn? Or on GateIn at all?




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              Søren Hilmer Newbie

              Is there really no one, who can answer this question?


              It would really help me to know if GateIn 3.0 will support a feature like what is known as "Partial Content Refresh" in JBoss Portal 2.7.