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    How to increase the row height for rich:scrollableDataTable ?

    Anu Mrl Newbie



      rich:scrollableDataTable creates a table with default row height.

      How is it possible to increase this row height? (Increasing the value of 'height' attribute increases the overall table height but not of the individual row)


      The snippet of my code is as follows:


      <rich:scrollableDataTable style="height:300px;width:600px;">
            <rich:column style="height:250px;width:300px;">
               <h:outputText value="testdata" />

            <rich:column style="height:250px;width:300px;">   
                  <h:selectManyListbox style="height:230px;width:270px;">
                        <f:selectItem itemValue="option1" itemLabel="option1"/>


      Replies and suggestions would be of great help.