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    clearing PanelBarItem content before it opens?

    v c Newbie

      hihi all,


      i am loading dynamic data into my PanelBar component.  when the user clicks on a PanelBarItem, this is an ajax web service call to retrieve the data to be displayed, but this is slow.  so the side-effect is that the PanelBarItem opens up displaying the contents of the previously selected PanelBarItem for a second or so, then when the data is retrieved the content updates appropriately.


      can anyone suggest how to tackle this problem?  for instance, is there a way to 'clear' the PanelBarItem content so that upon opening it displays nothing?  how to do this?  or is there a better approach?  i have looked into setting an actionListeners and valueChangeListeners but they seem to be triggered after the panel opens, so they are too late.


      thx in advance!