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    Design suggestions with extendedDataTable & commandButton

    Daniel Dausch Newbie
      I am not sure how to approach the implementation of a user requirement so any suggestions would be appreciated. I have an extendedDataTable to display a List<Bean> of data. This is working fine. For each row, there is a column that needs to contain a set of command buttons (e.g., Approve,Deny,Details). I assume I would use an a4j:commandButton for each one. What is not clear is how to wire this together. When clicking on one of these command buttons, I assume I would use a ModalPanel in order to display more details from that row and allow the user to take appropriate action. How do I wire this together? How do I refer to a row of data in the table in order to display it in the ModalPanel? Are my assumptions correct about what to use here? Any thoughts, ideas, code snippets are appreciated.