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    Examples survey

    Tom Jenkinson Master

      Hi guys,


      We have just finished adding two new examples to the source code in trunk (they are under atmibroker-xatmi/src/example/admin and blacktie-admin-services/src/example/jmx). They both perform the same function, one showcasing programmatic administration in Java using JMX and one in C using XATMI to achieve the same.


      We are also in the process of adding a new example showing BlackTie integrating with DB2 to go alongside our current example set showing Oracle, JAB and our Java XATMI API.


      If you would like us to create any examples to show how you can control BlackTie, please respond to this thread and we will do our best to add them to the source tree.


      All the best,


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          Tom Jenkinson Master

          Just to let you know that we have added some examples demonstrating programmatic administration of BlackTie by either JMX (for our java users) or XATMI.


          We are also adding an example showing how to configure security on the services, plus we hope to be able to get some videos uploaded in the near future showing all this happening!