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    a4j:status and forceId attribute

    Kerdudou Ronan Apprentice

      Hi all,

      Quoting the demo site :

      forceId attribute allows to replace the ":status" postfix of the client id with the defined 'id' attribute. If 'forceId' attribute is not defined, the defined 'id' attribute will be ignored.

      It seems that the text above is wrong. if 'forceId' is true, then all the generated id is replaced (not only the postfix). This leads to duplicate id when we attempt to use a a4j:status in a page to be included several times via subview.
      The subview and region id are ignored when forceId is used.

      It could be nice enhancement to make a4j:status id generation working like a standard JSF component (without special trick with region) and based on subview mechanism.

      does it seems a gooe idea to you, richfaces guys ?