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    Getting List of Sessions Across Cluster

    Thorin Tabor Newbie



      I am currently developing an app which deploys in a JBoss cluster (JBoss AS 5.0.0), using the defult clustering.  However, for one component of the app I need somehow to get a list of all user sessions currently logged into the app across the whole cluster.  Any pointers on how to accomplish this would be appreciated.


      A few things I've thought of, but ran into issues with:

      • I've thought of trying to manually keep as list of all sessions as they're created and then storing the list of sessions using JNDI in a place that can be accessed by all nodes in the cluster.  Unforuately the sessions are not Serializable and this JNDI cannot store them--or at least they throw an error saying they're not serializable when I try to do that.
      • I've tried looking for where JBoss itself keeps its list (or map) of sessions, but found nothing that is exposed where I can find a reference to it.
      • I've thought of trying to extend JBoss' session manager, exposing the list of sessions so I can get a reference to it and then set the config somehow to use the new custom session manager instead of the default one, however, I cannot seem to find the appropriate class to extend and config for JBoss AS 5.0.0 (just 5.1.0).


      Any ideas?