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    Picketlink release

    Jack C Newbie

      We are currently using the JBoss Identity 1.0.0 Beta1 which does not provide any logging for the Auth Requests and responses making it very difficult to debug issues. I have a couple of questions on the picketlink migration.


      1) Is there a release date set for the picketlink release?

      2) Is there a document detailing the build procedure if I wanted to build it myself?

      3) Is the JBoss Identity Project undergoing active development? I ask this question because releases have been very sporadic and the bug fix activity is also very low.

      4) Also, some documentation on how the different projects under the JBoss Identity umbrella relate to each other would be very helpful.


      That said, this is by far the easiest SAML2 library to integrate with our seam based application IMHO.


      Thanks in advance