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    ESB BPELInvoke

    Jeff DeLong Master

      In examing the BPEL invoke I have a couple questions.


      1) The User Guide says: "However this section will describe how integration between RiftSaw and JBossESB actions can be achieved
      without the use of web services (i.e. WSDL and SOAP).". However the ESB action then configures the service name and operation name. Is the ESB action invoking the BPEL process through a Java method call (hence the requirement to be in the same VM?).


      2) The message related action configuration properties seem to allow for the data being in the ESB message, but the examples show data values specified as properties in the ESB actoin config. Is the assumption here that if neiither requestPartName is not specified, then the action will use the entire content of the default location of the ESB message body?


      3) If what I stated in 2 is true, should the BPELInvoke action support the MessagePayloadProxy and support the use of get-payload-location and set-payload-location?