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    Jboss deployment issue

    raj kumar Newbie

      I am trying to deploy a sample web application(JSF application) on Jboss server. i am getting classcastexception when i try to deploy the app. I know Jboss comes with its own JSF jar files and i also have JSF jars in my web-inf/lib. I followed the documentation and created a jboss-app.xml to isolate the jboss jar files and to make jboss use my jar files in web-inf/lib. Here is my jboss-app.xml




      I tried using  com.example:archive instead of  com.example:loader also. But it is not working and i am still getting classcastexception at the time of deployment. I tried creating jboss-web.xml to set the class loader policy but no luck.


      Any help will be much appreciated.


      Thanks in advance!!!.