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    Function 'rich:findComponent'

    Eugene Kashin Newbie

      Hello all,


      I am working with rich:calendar and need to pass value of the  input to some bean method. Because this value is not associated with backing  bean, I would like simply to get value of the component as I would do in  javaScript, for example. In documentation I've read, that there is method that  allows to do it, rich:findComponent. Usage :  "#{rich:findComponent('myInput').value}". Looks like that it is exactly what I  need, but, unfortunately, our jboss installation doesn't want to recognize it:  I've got an exception javax.el.ELException: Function 'rich:findComponent' not  found. I use jboss-4.2.2.GA with Richfaces-ui-3.1.3.GA . May it be that this  method is implemented only  in later versions or something like this? I cannot  find any hint in the internet, hopefully there is someone who can explain  this?

      Thanks in advance!