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    jBPM 4.2 and Eclipse Tools

    Ahmed Hashim Newbie

      I had jBPM 4.2 installed on JBossAS 5.1.0

      Eclipse 3.4.2 and Eclipse Tools 3.0


      When I try to define jBPM runtime as C:\jbpm-4.2 or C:\jbpm-4.2\jboss-5.1.0.GA I got this error "This is not a valid jBPM installation."

      jbpm.jar exists on this path C:\jbpm-4.2


      What should be is the correct path ?




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          Ahmed Hashim Newbie

          I tried jBPM3.2.6sp1 with JBossAS4.2.3GA and configured correctly in Eclipse.

          I think there is something different between jBPM4.2 and 3.2.6 installation, any idea?

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            Nils Preusker Newbie

            Hi Ahmed,


            jBPM 4 is entirely different from jBPM 3 and an upgrade from a 3.x version to another 3.x version is something completely different from an upgrade from 3.x to 4. There are some posts in this forum discussing switching from 3.x to jBPM 4 and the potential issues you might face, just search for migration etc.. You might also want want to read up on the new features in jBPM 4. A good starting point might be this article from Joram Barrez. In essence: "jBPM4 can be best described as the result of smashing jBPM3 in a million pieces, carefully selecting the superb bits, putting them together with completely new or rewritten components by using the newest and fanciest glue available".


            Hope this helps,