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    JBoss - Windows - Startup

    Kevin Joseph Newbie

      Hi all,


      I have a jboss application that runs on Windows. The guys who set it up are long gone and there is hardly any documentation about it. The application runs on jboss (v4) on Windows 2003 Server platform. I want to bump up the heap size (-Xms/-Xmx parameter) but cannot figure out where the startup script for this application is. The app runs as a Windows service. I have done the following

      - I have searched every file, registry entry but do not see the startup options specified there.

      - I have looked in the home directory (under "Documents and settings") for the account the service runs under and all the accounts on the system - nothing !

      - Searched the env variables but there is nothing there either. There isnt even a JAVA_OPTS variable defined.

      - I have also looked in the bin directory (@ jboss home) but nothing in there either (like run.conf etc)


      I am wondering whether anyone can let me know where to look. So strange.




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          Peter Johnson Master

          Do you know exactly which version of JBoss AS? Also, do you know what mechanism is being used to run it as a service? You can find out the former by looking in the boot.log file, and if you don't know the latter then look in Windows Services at the service that runs JBoss AS and post the post the "Path to executable" value (or just to a capture of the Properties dialog showing the "General" tab and post that).

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            Kevin Joseph Newbie

            Peter - Here is the requested information


            JBoss version
            Release ID: JBoss [Zion] 4.0.3


            Path to executable
            "C:\rx\bin\rxservice.exe" -s "Rhythmyx"

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              Peter Johnson Master

              I have never heard of rxservice.exe, and googling it did not yield anything useful. Do you have any information about it?  Actually, all of the information I have seen indicates is has something to do with remote access, and not with running Java apps as services.  I have used 3 different mechanisms to run JBoss AS as a service and none of them used rxservice.exe.


              If you look at Task Manager, is there also a java.exe task? If so, what is the command line that started that task? You can find that out using either "listdlls" or "Process Manager" from sysinternals.