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    GateIn on WebSphere

    Dmitri Sidelnikov Newbie

      Hi all,


      Is it possible to build and deploy portal on WebSphere?


      Best regards,


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          Thomas Heute Master

          It could work with some efforts, but I never seen much interest for this.


          If you wanted to work on this we could help you.

          (First get the WCI component working on Websphere, then it would be mostly a matter of packaging)

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            Dmitri Sidelnikov Newbie


            thank you for reply.


            I really need to run GateIn on WebSphere 6.1/7.x .

            I'm going to start with WCI on WebSphere 6.1/7.x.

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              lorenzo medeot Newbie

              hi, i'm looking for a solution on the same problem.

              did you make it work on WebSphere?

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                Tomas Cerny Novice

                Hello guys, I would also welcome some direction on how to make it work with WebLogic/WebSphere

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                  Matt Wringe Master

                  A portal server is more than just a web application that runs in a web container. It needs to be aware of some of the web container internals and interface with its internal services. For example, the portal needs to know when other wars are deployed and access those wars to check if they contain portlets.


                  In GateIn, we use the Web Container Intergration (WCI) component to deal with interfacing with web container internals. Currently WCI only supports JBoss, Tomcat and Jetty.


                  If you want to get WebLogic/WebSphere or any other web container to work with GateIn, you will need to first update WCI to support that web container. After WCI works with the new web container, then you will need to update the packaging of the portal to support this.


                  Supporting new web containers is not something we are currently looking into. If someone from the community wants to start working on this, I could probably include it, but I don't think it would be something that we would officially support.


                  [NOTE: there is a 'generic' option in wci which should work with any web container, but it requires changes to be made to all wars which contain portlets for the portal to be able to access them. Even with this 'generic' option, its still going to require some effort to repackage the portal for WebLogic/WebSphere]