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    Getting OpenExecution from findExecutionById

    Mike M Newbie

      We have a jBPM system where some of our states are actually represented by work done in external systems. When an execution enters a given state, we kick off that work in the external system and keep track of the execution id associated with that piece of external work. Some time later, we get an asymchronous notification that the work has completed and so we use the execution id that was saved earlier to look up the waiting execution, in order to signal it to proceed to the next step.


      To look up the execution, we are using


      executionService.findExecutionById( executionId )

      My question is this: the method above returns an Execution, but we need to update some process variables also at this point. Is there another way to get the execution (by id) but get an OpenExecution back instead (in order to access the variable-manipulation methods)?