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    Encrypted classes - problem with class loading

    Michal Szymanski Newbie



      We use JBoss 4.2.3. It served us well in comparsion to other web containers (we lived in the dark times before ).


      We have server application (EAR) which contains some ejb beans (JARs). We also have a client written in eclipse RCP. We secured the sources of the client with post release class encryption. Sepcial class loader is decrypting them when running (native algorithm). Additionally we secured that it can be run only on the destination station (generating maching id used in encryption). I know how that it is only a time consuming puzzel for proffesionals but this aint the point of this post and we deceided it will suffice.


      I would be gratfull for some tips about injecting custom class loader into JBoss.


      I did gather some materials but I did not find any remarks about injecting custom class loader - only configuration of the ones in place. Im afraid that I will have to go deep and modify some jboss sources and I would love to ommit this scenario?


      Cheers and merry christmas everyone