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    Some JBoss Tools features doesn't work with seam-gen project

    Piotr Sobczyk Newbie

      Hello, we are already using 3.1.0-M4 of JBoss Tools, however we had the same problem before we did update to this release. We are working on  two Seam projects, one is generated by seam-gen and another by JBoss Tools wizard. As far as I'm concerned JBoss Tools should work equally good with both seam-gen and JBoss Tools generated project however features such that:

      • Content Assist in xhtml files for rich,a,f,h namespaces doesn't work in seamgen project and work perfectly in JBoss Tools project (even if I explicitly point these namespaces along with URIs in Visual/Source -> Page design options -> Included Tag Libs)
      • The same for content assist that helps developer to select path inside project (for example /templates/template.xhtml etc.)
      • Clicking on path for example <ui:include src="/components/productCard.xhtml"> with ctrl pressed doesn't change active file for the file pointed by link


      Possibly there is more of it. I listed these about just a fast examination. Is there any way to enable these features while working with seam-gen project. They are all extremely useful. Thanks in advance.