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    Collaborate Twiddling and Fresh

    Jeff Yu Master

      Hi all,


      Currently the Fresh is deployed in the AS server, and exported service as SSH. The twiddling project is focusing on the client side. Its original goal is also trying to be a CLI for JBoss AS, but not only just it, we are thinking make it pluggable, for example, it also be possible to run command to invoke OSGi commands as long as we have OSGi's service backend. Due to time constraints, this project is not under development since the end of Feb 2009, but we are eager to collaborate with Fresh.


      The most important aspect of this tool would be to try to come up a better solution on how to display the result in the console. the raw xml is not a good idea in my opinion.


      Any thoughts??




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          Yong Hao Gao Master

          One interesting thing that twiddling keeps in mind is a better user experience with command line like tool. It is aimed to create a concise and responsive text-based terminal for an experienced JBoss user who may not like the rich UI such as JON but are eager to have advanced JBoss service access capability.

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            Tomaz Cerar Master



            with fresh you get real console features, that means you  have piping of data streams.

            For instance you could have an executable that would dump output as XML and then just pipe it trought another one to display it in console readable format.


            We allready have some commands like that implemented so it would be trivial to add some more to support your needs.


            As for integration with AS goes for now we have commands to interact with mbean server (list, executed,...) and with MC but this are currently at basic level.

            Currently we are focused on redesigning the way new executables are written and adding tighter integration with MC which would give us better control/integration with all components that run inside Jboss AS