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    Connection created and destroyed count more on newer version of jboss

    Prabin Paudel Newbie

      Hello: I am in the process of upgrading the jboss version from 4.0.3.SP1 to 4.2.3.GA. We have a major problem with connection pooling in jboss 4.0.3.SP1, so I am doing some benchmarking to collect data for connection pooling for both the version. And, I have found that there are more connections created and destroyed on jboss 4.2.3.GA than on 4.0.3.SP1. Has anyone encountered this behavior on their testing/development before? Or are there any changes on the newer version of jboss 4.2.3.GA that is causing it? Both the jboss has same environment and same data source/database configurations.


      On jboss 4.0.3.SP1 connection created count and connection destroyed count is 52 and 32 respectively, but for the same test cases on jboss 4.2.3.GA it is 122 and 112.