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    ESB: externalizing configuration

    Michal D. Newbie



      It's been a while since I started looking for a pattern to externalize some aspects of JBoss ESB configuration and take it out from the *.esb file and I actually haven't come to a satisfacotry conclusion.


      The problem probably could boil down to making the jboss-esb.xml configurable via *.properties files but as far as I know currently there's no way to do it.


      I ran into this problem when I wanted to have my services running in different environments, like prouction, test, development. Moving the services between these environments entails changing IP configuration, sometimes passwords or file paths etc. each time. When these settings are embedded in jboss-esb.xml file it becomes quite cumbersome to maintain the configuration for each environment. What's more I usually have to either build the *.esb archive for each environment or modify it manually before deploying. This is a potentially risky procedure because I do not deploy to the production environment the same binaries that have been tested in the test environment.


      If it was possible to keep such settings in external files (*.properties) and reference the properties from jboss-esb.xml life would be much easier.


      Do you, guys, have an idea what would the best way to deal with such a problem be?


      Thanks in advance for any suggestions.



      All the best,