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    Problem with a4j:commandLink (property '...' not found on type)

    Víctor Miranda Beltrán Newbie

      Hi people.

      I'm starting with richfaces and I have a stupid problem.


      I want to change my <h:commandLink>'s for <a4j:commandLink>'s for get ajax support


      For example, i have a <a4j:commandLink value="Do something" action="#{FooManagedBean.method}" in the xhtml, and

      public class FooManagedBean {

           public void method(){

                //do something...



      When i load the jsf page, facelets toldme something like:


      property 'method' not found on type FooManagedBean.


      WTF? the action content must be a JSF method always, isn it?


      PD: Sorry for my poor English