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    Jboss via HTTPS - Small packet size and low bandwidth usage

    Martijn Merkes Newbie

      Hi All,


      I've got a question about Jboss via HTTPS.


      The situation is as follow:

      Our application server (Windows / 64 bit / 20 Gb mem) hosts a Jboss 4.2.1 installation.

      This installation is configured to use HTTPS with a signed certificate.


      When I connect to the application and monitor the connection speed I notice that it only uses +- 80 KB/s and transfers a lot of small packages.

      I've also installed IIS on the same server and then I get download speeds of 430 KB/s. Both tests are done from the internet.


      When I do exactly the same steps from another server next to the application server (with normal network connection) I get a download speed of 4,7 Mb/s when downloading a file via Jboss and 7,2 Mb/s via IIS.


      Can anyone explain the differences and possible solutions to get Jboss to use the full available line?


      Thanks in advance for your answers and help.


      Regards, Martijn