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    Task-Node Reminders

    Craig Bensemann Novice


      I am using seam 2.2.0 and jbpm 3.2.6.SP1 and am trying to set up my first jbpm project and have the basic process defined and can progress from start to end. I now want to add email notifications in for task-assign and task-reminder. The following is the task-node config for the node I want notifications from:


          <task-node name="review">
              <task name="review_incident" duedate="5 minutes" notify="true" >
                  <assignment pooled-actors="handsadvisor" />
                  <reminder duedate="2 minutes" repeat="1 minute" />
              <transition name="approved" to="end" />
              <transition name="initiate_review" to="review_phase" />


      When I assign a task to a user having the "handsadvisor" role the task-assign email event if fired (I can see in the debugger that org.jbpm.mail.Mail#execute is called. But a similar event for task-reminder is never called. I would expect one to be generated after two minutes then every minute until the dueDate (is this correct?)


      I have been looking round for some good examples of the more advanced features in jbpm but have not had much luck. If I have missed some documentation that describes this then please point me in the right direction