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    minmize ajax response: redundant .css and html

    rosdorff Newbie


      I have been checking the Ajax response for partial page updates.
      I use ajaxRendered="false" where possible.
      But I still get the html from my ui:composition template. This includes some a4j:loadStyle elements, that is to say: stylesheet links.
      So from template.xhtml in the code below I still get a link to theme.css an d the footer and all among other things.
      How can I avoid this?

      Thanks for any help,



      <ui:composition template="/layout/template.xhtml">
      <ui:define name="body">
       <h:panelGroup id="placeHolder">
       <a4j:include viewId="#{placeHolder.page}" ajaxRendered="false" />

       <title>Title</title>arset=UTF-8" />
       <a:loadStyle src="/stylesheet/theme.css" />
       <ui:insert name="body" />
       <div class="footer">Our company</div>