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    rich:messages for just one message

    Israel Fonseca Apprentice

      First of all, sorry if this was already asked and answered, but i didn't find a way to search for a topic in the richfaces community with this new forum layout (the old one was ugly, but did work ). Anyway here it goes:


      How can i make the rich:messages component show only the first error (and not all errors) that are triggered by the rich:graphValidator? Example:






                <h:inputText value="#{bean.value1}"/>

                <h:inputText value="#{bean.value2}"/>



           <a4j:commandButton value="Submit"/>





      If the two inputs trigger errors on the submit (i'm using Hibernate Validator), two messages are throw.


      - value1 cant have more than 5 characters

      - value2 cant have more than 5 characters


      How can I configure it to show only the first error?


      Thanks in advance,


      and happy new year for the richfaces-team!