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    Rollback for PojoCache works incorrectly.

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      Hi everyone.

      I've written some simple application (deployed on JBoss 5.1) that uses EJB 3.0 and PojoCache 3.0.

      The application tests some main functionalities of the cache (put and get methods inside transactions).

      I have some simple POJO (implements java.io.Serializable + it's annotated with @Entity).

      One of my tests fails. The scenario is like this:

           1. Create instance of the POJO.

           2. Put created object to the cache (retrieved from PojoCacheJmxWrapperMBean - service defined inside XML file).

           3. New transaction: get object from the cache, change one of its fields (with setter method) and than throw RuntimeException (transaction is rolledback).

           4. New transaction: check if value of modified field equals the original one (before transaction from point 3) but value is modified although transaction was rolledback.


      If I add new object to the cache and rollback current transaction then everything's correct (added object is removed from the cache). Maybe @Replicable annotation is necessary but even if I annotate my POJO with it problem still occurs. I think there's some problem with AOP and "interceptors stack" related with my POJO but I added "pojocache-aop.xml" to my EJB project (META-INF directory). My log files don't contain any ERRORs. I've even checked WARNINGS but there's nothing about cache.


      I've attached 2 XML files:

           1. definiton of a PojoCacheJmxWrapperMBean service (located in my AS "deploy" directory)

           2. pojocache-aop XML file - found in appendix part of the POJO Cache 3.0.0 docs -> I've made some modification: added new global "interceptor" element <interceptor name="SubjectInterceptor" class="org.jboss.cache.pojo.observable.SubjectInterceptor" scope="PER_INSTANCE"/> because originally it was localised inside las "bind" element (what is incorrect for JBoss 5.1 - "bind" element can contains only "interceptor-ref" elements).


      Great thanks in advance.

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          M B Newbie

          My problem is fixed

          It's necessary to configure AOP with weaving.

               1. Edit "\conf\bootstrap\aop.xml" - for bean named "AspectManager" set property "enableLoadtimeWeaving" to true and configure properties "include" and "exclude".

               2. Edit configuration script for JBoss (for Windows "\bin\run.conf.bat") - add "-javaagent:pluggable-instrumentor.jar" to "JAVA_OPTS" and copy necessary jar (can be found in "\server\default\deployers\jboss-aop-jboss5.deployer") to "bin" directory