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    Using custom Classes in JBPM 4

    mark hill Newbie

      Hi all !

      I'm trying to develop a Web application which uses JBPM 4.2 engine on JBoss 5.0.

      In my workflow some <java> nodes are used and <script> as well.


      For example, using one class that ships with the examples:


      <java name="greet" class="org.jbpm.examples.java.JohnDoe"

      method="hello" var="answer" g="96,16,83,52">


        <field name="state"><string value="fine"/></field>

        <arg><string value="Hi, how are you?"/></arg>


        <transition to="shake hand" />




      The problem is that when one of these nodes is reached, a weird error "org.jbpm.JbpmException" was thrown.

      The message is: "couldn't deserialize object ... caused by ClassNotFoundException org.jbpm.examples.java.JohnDoe"


      I've deployed the web application adding the .jpdl.xml file in the Web application classpath.

      I've not added any jbpm library in the WEB-INF/lib since I've installed jbpm on my JBoss server

      (in the deploy/jbpm folder)


      What is the correct way to package the workflow Java Classes ? should I add the JBPM  core libs to my project also ?


      Thanks a lot