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    JBm error message during server startup in a cluster environment.

    Marek Baluch Newbie



      I have set up a cluster environment comprised of two nodes. During the startup of the second node I get the following error in the console:


      2010-01-04 15:32:18,660 ERROR [org.jboss.messaging.util.ExceptionUtil] (main) Queue[null, name=D] startService
      java.lang.IllegalStateException: Channel id map for node 10 already contains binding for queue 1


      The full server logs of both nodes are attached.


      Some more info:


      SOA-P version: 5.0 ER6

      JBM version:     1.4.6 GA


      node1 messaging ID = 1

      node2 messaging ID = 10


      node1 bindings = ports-default

      node2 bindings = ports-01


      I hope this enough information for now.


      Any lead on what's wrong would be very appreciated. Thanks a lot.