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    Help with Multiple modal panels

    Daniel Dausch Newbie
      Looking for 'how-to' suggestions around stringing togther multiple modal panels. I have a good portion of the solution working but seem to be hung up on the last bit. I did use the richfaces demo - Edit Table with Modal Panel - as a reference and it was helpful. I have a column on my extendedDataTable with an a4j:commandButton that invokes a modalPanel with details about the row and possible actions. This works fine - gets detail about the row and the a4j:commandButton invokes the action method properly. This action method will add user messages (errors & successes) to an accessible backing bean. I now want to display another modalPanel with these userMessages. I have tried invoking this modal panel from the a4j:commandButton on the intial modalPanel via 'oncomplete' and via 'onbeforeupdate' but can't get it to work. Any thoughts or suggestions?