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    Quartz Resource Adapter usage outside JBoss AS

    Rafael Ribeiro Novice

      Hi all,


      I am posting to report my experiments with Quartz Resource Adapter outside JBoss Application Server and also to share some changes I guess would make the code more portable (which sincerely I don't know if it is interesting to Redhat but anyways...) and I think replaces an existing workaround with another one slightly more elegant .

      While testing quartz-ra.rar on WebSphere I noticed that it does a trick to detect whether it is a stateful or stateless job and this prevented it from working correctly on WebSphere. Since I guess the pain of not having a powerful timer solution to J2EE is common to a few J2EE developers I have shared the changes I did to the simple but incredible Resource Adapter JBoss developed and packaged as part of JBoss AS.

      Anyways... I thought I had to share this over here in case anyone wants to pick the changes and have it integrated. So... To avoid describing it all over again here I am placing a link to the post I wrote on my blog.



      Rafael Ribeiro