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    JBoss Cache on WAS 6.x

    Abhisek Kumar Newbie



      I am a newbie to JBoss and currently weighing the option of using JBoss cache on WebSphere Application Server (WAS).


      My requirement:


      I want to have a shared cache which is cluster aware and can act as a platform component which can be easily extended by different components to have their own cache.


      WAS provides an option to implement a shared cache, but I came to know that JBoss cache is more robust than the one provided by WAS, and I did not want to get tied with WAS. Hence, I was trying to do sort of evaluation for the different options available.


      I wanted to know:


      1. Whether JBoss cache can be used over WAS 6.x?

      2. If yes, then is there some guideline/example available regarding this?


      Could someone please help me out on this?