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    Automatic failover works, but does not fail-back-over...

    Aaron Whiteside Newbie

      Hey Guys,


      I seem to be having a problem with getting a JMS Client to fail-back-over. I am using HornetQ 2.0.0CR3.


      I have manually created the ConnectionFactory and are specifying the following parameters. (the ConnectionFactory has been created passing two TransportConfiguration's)


              connectionFactory.setRetryInterval( 2000 );

              connectionFactory.setRetryIntervalMultiplier( 1.1 );

              connectionFactory.setMaxRetryInterval( 60000 );

              connectionFactory.setReconnectAttempts( -1 );

              connectionFactory.setConfirmationWindowSize( 1048576 );

              connectionFactory.setFailoverOnServerShutdown( true );



      When I shutdown the primary broker as expected the client transparently fails-over to using the backup.


      However when I proceed to bring up the primary again and shutdown the backup, expecting that the client would retry the original primary but it does not. As you would expect my application freezes waiting for the reconnection to the backup.


      If I now startup the backup again, everything starts working again.


      Is this a feature or a bug?





      P.S. The two brokers are configuration as a cluster.