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    JBPM 4.x on Sybase

    Walter Seymore Newbie

      Sorry if this has been answered before, but I've searched and can't find anything relating to 4.x, so this is a last resort.


      We are running JBPM 4.3 and I'm trying to port it over to Sybase, but we're having lots of trouble. Has anybody had any success with this? Could you please post your sql create scripts and any changes required for the hibernate mappings if any.


      Could you also please post the version of sybase and driver you are using. We are on ASE 12.5.4 and using jconn3 (jConnect (TM) for JDBC(TM)/6.0(Build 25570)/P/EBF12436/JDK14/Tue Feb 22  0:06:16 2005)




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          Ronald van Kuijk Master



          Thanks for your interest in jBPM. You are using the wrong forum for these kinds of questions. This forum is for discussing the deveopment OF jBPM, not developing WITH jBPM. The userforum above this one should be used. Much bigger chance that your question gets answered since that one is read by way more more people.


          Oh and in addition, it would also be helpful to post your errors, instead of just asking for somebody elses config. Simply because many errors are more generic and could e.g. be answered by me, but I could not give you what you ask now (since I don't have it). This also increases your chance of getting an answer.