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    Who is Richfaces?

    Hamish Anderson Newbie

      Who is actually backing the project?  Are they committed?  Do they have a history of being committed to open-source projects?


      My understanding is that Richfaces is a community project owned by JBoss which in turn is owned by Redhat.  The Richfaces developers are actually JBoss and Redhat developers.


      I am working on a large, long term project and Richfaces is being considered as augmenting JSF 2.  As we may be in development for a number of years before going into production we need to make sure Richfaces will still exist some time into the future.


      I see there are SLAs for JBoss -- is it possible to buy an SLA for Richfaces without JBoss?  (We will probably be using Tomcat with OSGi).


      Any information or thoughts are welcome.





      BTW, thank you to Richfaces community for much documentation and a great component library.

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          Jay Balunas Master

          Hi Hamish,


          Let me answers these questions for you :-)


          The RichFaces project is backed by Red Hat/JBoss and is developed in a partnership with Exadel ( the original creator ).  The RichFaces project team members are spread across these two companies, and span the globe.


          I don't think I need to explain the commitment and track record that Red Hat/JBoss have in the open source ecosystem.  We are committed to both the RichFaces project and JSF.  We have 4 people in total on the JSF Expert Group ( 2 Red Hat, 2 Exadel ).


          The project itself is as "open" a project as you will likely find with public team meetings, and minutes, open development forums, and a very large community ( one of the largest at JBoss ).  We also want to make it even easy for people to help out and join in on the development RichFaces in the 4.0 release.


          As for support/SLA for RichFaces only - I'll need to refer you to the sales team for the final answer, but we do not currently offer enterprise support for RichFaces standalone.  I would encourage you to check out some of our offerings such as JBoss Enterprise Web Server (tomcat, apache), and the JBoss Web Framework Kit (RichFaces support for EWS).  These two together would provide you a fully supported apache, tomcat, RichFaces platform.


          Hope this helped, and thanks,