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    Importing Initial Data

    John McGloughlin Newbie

      Fired up Gatein (3.0.0-Beta04) using mysql and 389-directory server. Initial users and attributes get created in ldap however 8080:/portal/public/classic returns 'null' and the "Page Not Found" error. Able to login @ 8080:/portal/private with the default users but same error exists.


      Stack trace shows something like:

      ERROR [Portal:UserPortalConfigService] Could not import initial data
      java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Cannot insert page org.exoplatform.portal.pom.data.PageData@209752ed as the corresponding portal /platform/users with type ObjectType[interface org.gatein.mop.api.workspace.Site] does not exist


      Searched docs and groups and performed lots of experiments but still not quite sure what causes this. Any ideas?