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    drag indicator does not work in any version i'm using.

    antonio gallo Newbie

      Hello, I read several books on richfaces and I started developing just two weeks ago.


      I succeded in running several examples from the demo but i do not succeed in running correctly the drag and drop demo.


      I made all the necessary configurations and i saw all the panels but drag and drop does not work.


      It seems that the decalaration <rich:dragSupport dragIndicator=":indicator" overrides the defaul behaviour and makes no dragging succeed at all when moving the elements.


      If I comment out


      <rich:dragSupport dragIndicator=":indicator"


      in the code attached below I saw a default rectangle show up since the default behaviour takes place. The rectangle gets red or green while approaching the containers and then dropping works even if I do not see any label and image as the demo suggests.



      I need to customize the dragging behaviour of my application in order to show an image and a label when dragging elements in a way that looks like what  the demo suggests but I'm trying everything without success. Every time i decalre a new dragindicator and use it passing the proper index everything blockd working as far as dragging is concerned.


      I also tried with the last 3.3.3 libraries but nothing changed.


      May someone help me please?