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    New to jBPM

    des kane Newbie



      My company are currently investigating jBPM for use in a forthcoming project. There seems to be plenty of resources for jBPM 3 but I cant seem to find much in the way of decent tutorials for jBPM 4.


      Firstly, is there much take up for version 4 or is version 3 the safest bet ?


      We are also looking to get some training but having talked direct to Redhat they say they are no longer supporting the course (JB449). This is an obvious concern.


      Are there any courses being run for jBPM version 3 or version 4 ?


      I appreciate you guys are "the knowledge" when it comes to jBPM so any help would be appreciated.




      Des Kane.

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          Bernd Ruecker Master

          Hi Des Kane.


          For upcoming projects the "future safe" choice is jBPM 4. The docs are pretty good and there are tutorials available as well. But you are right, there is still much more around for jBPM 3. And it is still more mature than the new version and used in much more real life projects. And it is currently still used in the supported platform from JBoss.


          So there are arguments for both versions. But if you don't have requirements not yet tackled by jBPM 4 I would try to go in that direction. There is much more going on (like BPMN 2, Business-IT-Aligment, ...) and the architecture and API is much cleaner. But maybe that depends on your planned release date as well ;-)


          For the training: Since JBoss lacks a training we currently provide a jBPM 4 training: http://www.camunda.com/menschen/jboss-jbpm-drools-esb/praxiskurs-jbpm-4/. Our basic target market is Germany, so the agenda is in German, sorry. But depending on your location we could maybe give an english version onsite as well. If you are interessted just contact me: bernd.ruecker@camunda.com. We could even extend this training in some kind of workshop to discuss differences of jBPM 3 and 4 to help you, to make a better choice...




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