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    Is it possible to automatically scroll to validation error field ?

    Francois Duquette Newbie

      Hello, here's the context, I have a form which has enough fields to produce vertical scrolling.  I'm using Hibernate Validator (4.0.x) to validate my form fields through rich:ajaxValidator (im not using seam but spring webflow 2.0.x). So, has the title says, I would like the page to scroll up 'automatically' to the first validation error of the form, after the user tries to submit the form with the save button (a4j:commandButton), but the form contains one or more errors...


      I've searched for a richfaces thread talking about this but found nothing about it(tiny surprised i was..), so I guess I'll probably end up writing my own code to do this, with jquery, but it would be nice if this feature was available for the community....should I create a feature request for this ?