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    Is it justified to extend EntityHome?

    Rocky S Master

      I have my custom remove method-




      public void remove(CollatRptCatgryMap collatRptCatgryMap) {

      Query query = entityManager.createQuery("delete from CollatRptCatgryMap collatRptCatgryMap where collatRptCatgryMap.catgryMapId = :catgryMapId");

      query.setParameter("catgryMapId", collatRptCatgryMap.getCatgryMapId()) .executeUpdate();





      In order to generate a message on the screen, when successfully deleted. I thought to have a workaround.

      Just for generating this Successfully deleted message,  I extended this class like this-


      public class BankBrandsBean extends EntityHome





      public void remove(CollatRptCatgryMap collatRptCatgryMap) {









      Is this my approach justified or is there other way to generate a successful deleted message info?

      Basically i am using listshuttle, so save or remove operations have been modified to 1 button save.