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    JBoss ESB and 64bit

    Nikos Massios Novice

      Has anyone tried running ESB 4.7 or 4.6 using 64bit windows, 64bit java and jboss 5.1.0 GA?



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          Ryan Hochstetler Newbie
          I'll let you know in a week, or so.  We're doing the migration from AS 4.2.3, ESB 4.5, Win32 to AS 5.1.0, ESB 4.7, Win64 right now.
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            Ryan Hochstetler Newbie
            I'm sorry, Nikos.  Other tasks got in the way of this migration.  You know how it goes, right?  I do intend to provide a full report after we get the whole thing stood up.
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              Anonymous User Newbie

              Hi all,


              so do I understand you right that JBoss ESB 4.X (We use JBoss ESB 4.4 on JBoss AS 4.2) won`t run under JVM 64Bit (resp. Win64) ?


              Best regards,



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                Daniel Bevenius Master

                Hi guys,


                I'm running Mac OS X with a 64 bit processor and running 64 bit java.

                Is this a problem with windows 64 bit java? If so could you tell me what it is...I'd just like to understand the issue here




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                  Anonymous User Newbie

                  Hi experts,


                  sorry for the stupid questions, but so far I have found no documentation about this on official JBoss ESB Sites.


                  We intend to migrate OS from Windows 32 Bit to Windows 64 Bit. Of course I want to be sure, that no porblems will occur and our JBoss ESB 4.4 installation  (on JBoss AS 4.2) will run as perfect as before. Therefore two very important questions:

                  (1) When we use JRE 64Bit, will JBossESB work as before ?

                  (2) If (1) doesn`t work: Is it possible to run JBoss ESB 4.4 with JRE 32Bit (as before) under Windows 64Bit ?



                  Thank you very much for the answers.





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                    Ryan Hochstetler Newbie



                    1.)  Probably.  I think you're missing the fact that the migration should be transparent to any pure-java application.


                    2.)  It is completely valid to run JBoss within a 32-bit JVM on a 64-bit Windows OS (I'm doing it now).  You must remember to install the 32-bit versions of native libraries that your application requires (Oracle client, anything supporting JNI in your codebase, etc).


                    Our full 64-bit migration is approaching.  The only thing that was holding us up was tooling.  One large vendor has not provided a 64-bit compatible version of an Eclipse plugin which relies upon native code.  We eventually realized that we could run Eclipse itself in a 32-bit JVM, and invoke Junit tests from Eclipse in 64-bit JVMs, using all of the 64-bit native libraries which support our application deployment, so the lack of vendor support was moot.


                    I'm not concerned.  I do not foresee any insurmountable problems with the migration, since the shipped bytecode is platform independent, but perhaps I'm being naive about a particular aspect of the migration.

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                      Anonymous User Newbie

                      Hi Ryan,


                      thanks for fast reply.


                      @Daniel: Is there also an "official" statement regarding running JBossESB 4.4 within 32Bit / 64Bit JVM on Windows 64Bit OS?