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    Validator (JSr303): Pass label names as a substitution in message

    Deepesh Mathur Newbie

      I am using Hibernate validator implementation of the Bean Validation spec (JSR303)
      I have defined validators at the field level in a class.
      This class is used in a different context and I want to show different message for different contexts

      For example, I have Address class and it is reused as Business Address and Postal Address and it is required that messages have the label included as substitution like
      "Postal email not valid" and
      "Business email not valid"
      in the resource bundle I have {fieldLable} email not valid
      similarly for not nulls {fieldLabel} should not be null
      not sure how to achieve that


      Anyone ?

      Also how can we use JSR303 groups with the beanvalidator tag

      Thanks and Regards