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    Rich inplace select onchange not working properly - is it a

    senthil kumar Newbie

      I am using inplace select in my project and onchange is not working as expected. I am explaining the scenario here.

      1)I have an inplace select and a4j support in my page as follows

      <rich:inplaceSelect defaultLabel ="xxx" value="#{zone.type}">
      <a4j:support event="onchange" reRender="somecomp" ajaxSingle="true"/>

      The above code works perfectly if my bean is not persisted in the Database.

      Suppose if my bean is already persisted in the database, and the zone.type has a value of Value1

      1) If i change the value from Value 1 to Value2 , onchange event is called and the reRendering occurs as expected.

      2)If i change the value again from Value2 to Value1, the reRendering doesnt occur as expected. ie the onchange event is not called when i select the old value which is already persisted in the database(bean)

      I tried it with h:selectOneMenu, and the onchange event is called for both the above 2 steps. Is this a bug ??? is there a workaround for this ??? plz help.

      Plz let me know if i am not clear. Thanks.