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    WebUI portlet tutorial

    George Bilas Newbie

      Does it exist? I tried following this but it seems to be incomplete and confusing at times.

      I figured some things out and got my first simple portlet to work, kind of...

      The only thing portal complaints about has something to do with localization:


      (factory.LocalizedStringBuilder      68  ) could not generate localized string.

      java.lang.IllegalArgumentException at org.gatein.common.i18n.LocalizedString$Value.<init>(LocalizedString.java:408)
              at org.gatein.common.i18n.LocalizedString.<init>(LocalizedString.java:144)
              at org.gatein.pc.portlet.impl.metadata.adapter.LocalizedStringAdapter.unmarshal(LocalizedStringAdapter.java:60)
              at org.gatein.pc.mc.metadata.factory.LocalizedStringBuilder$LocalizedMetaDataContainer.getLocalizedString(LocalizedStringBuilder.java:86)
              at org.gatein.pc.mc.metadata.factory.LocalizedStringBuilder.getLocalizedString(LocalizedStringBuilder.java:64)
              at org.gatein.pc.mc.metadata.factory.PortletApplicationModelFactory.addChild(PortletApplicationModelFactory.java:305)
              at org.gatein.pc.mc.metadata.impl.ValueTrimmingFilter.addChild(ValueTrimmingFilter.java:57)
              at org.jboss.xb.binding.ObjectModelBuilder.endElement(ObjectModelBuilder.java:423)
              at org.jboss.xb.binding.parser.sax.SaxJBossXBParser$DelegatingContentHandler.endElement(SaxJBossXBParser.java:373)


      I did create /WEB-INF/classes/locale/portlet/MyPortlet.properties file and specified it in the portlet.xml <resource-bundle>.

      Is there anything specific that needs to be there? I only have  javax.portlet.title,  javax.portlet.short-title and javax.portlet.keywords.

      Or the problem is somewhere else?



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          Thomas Heute Master

          WebUI is mostly for internal portlets (the one we ship). One benefit is that what we use will not collide with what you use.


          For your portlets you can choose your framework, I would recommend JSF with the use of the JBoss Portlet Bridge.

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            George Bilas Newbie

            Thanks for the clarification.

            I am a newcomer to the portlets world, so to me it doesnt matter which framework to learn, but I was under the impression that the webui would be a primary choice for portlet development, considering its wide range of features. Any other reason NOT to use it, other than possible collisions?

            Also, what would it take to use ICEFaces with gatein? Is jboss portlet bridge needed?



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              Chris Laprun Master

              As you mentioned, WebUI is not well documented at this time. It's been developed mostly for internal use so it's quite rough along the edges. It's probably not as straight forward as JSF for portlet development at this time. The main reason not to use it, in my mind, though, is that it will make your portlet completely tied up to GateIn as WebUI only runs on GateIn. It's also not supported whereas JBoss' portlet bridge is/will be. I'm not sure about ICEFaces support in portlet bridge but you should be able to use RichFaces and Seam without issues.


              All in all, I would really recommend using JSF to develop your portlets.

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