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    xml parser problem with jboss5

    luv zorabian Newbie
      Hello Friends,

      Problem is regarding Jboss 5 deployment.
      My application uses Spring, Hibernate. EAR deploy over the jboss4 works perfectly but problem with Jboss5,
      throws exception:-

      jboss java.lang.classcastexception org.apache.xerces.jaxp.documentbuilderfactoryimpl

      I can trace that this is basically due to the xml parsers.
      Jboss 5 already contains the xalan and xercesImpl jars (not xml-apis) and my app also bundles the xalan and xml-apis jars (not xercesImpl).

      Jboss5 complains to keep same jars at two places. But......

      1. If remove from jboss5/lib/endorsed it stops working
      2. and, If remove from war/ear file it throws different exception

      both are strange. Any solution about the problem. Please suggest.

      Note: I found that jboss4 also contains the xalan, xercesImpl and also xml-apis so no problem while deploying the war,
      but jboss5 doesn't have the xml-apis so complains during the deployment.

      Kind regards
      luv zorabian