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    JBPM 3.3.1 and JMS

    Simone Simone Newbie

      I'm newbie with jbmp, I want to develop a jbmp workflow that fires when a jms message is sent in a specific queue. Could please anyone help me? Where I can find any kind of documentation about this issue(jbmp with jms)??


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          Ronald van Kuijk Master

          Hi, welcome and thanks for the intrest in jBPM(!).


          May I first inform you that this is the wrong forum. This forum is for people developing on jBPM(!) and not with jBPM(!)


          Secondly, your question is so generic that the only thing I can do is (even if this is the wrong forum) point you to this and this. With this info, you could develop an mdb that listens on a queue and uses the jBPM(!) api to start a process.


          Thirdly, it is jBPM and not jbmp ;-)






          p.s. please do not post follow up questions here, but post them in the parent forum.

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            Simone Simone Newbie

            Thanks Ronald for your advice, next time I'll put my question in the right place!!