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    tabs click, modal panel open but cannot closed when action completed

    chung siu man Newbie



      I have the below code, which aim to, when clicking the one of the tabs, a popup modal box appears,

      the when tab action is completed, the popup modal box is expected to closed.


      But, when program run, the modal box appears popup, but when action completed, the modal panel box do not closed.

      It seesm, the action completed to not trigger the complete action....

      So, something wrong inside the code below?


      Please help and Thanks



           <h:panelGrid id="tabs">
            <rich:tabPanel  id="tabPanel1"

                    styleClass="myClass" label="Faculty" immediate="true" id="faculty">
                        <ui:include src="gl_rpt1.xhtml" /> 
                    <rich:tab styleClass="myClass" label="Dept" immediate="true" id="dept">
                       <ui:include src="gl_rpt2.xhtml" />
                    <rich:tab styleClass="myClass" label="Cost Center" immediate="true" id="costCenter">
                       <ui:include src="gl_rpt3.xhtml" />
              <a:support event="ontabchange"