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    Exception Handling in node (v3.2)

    Arnoud Wolfard Newbie

      Hi all,


      Playing around with some jbpm code and I have a question regarding exception handling in a node.

      What I want is the following:

      When an exception occurs in my actionhandler I want to startup a task so a user can correct the process(-step) manually and signal the process again.


      I came with this:


      Node actionhandlers all extend the BaseNodeHandler:


      public abstract class BaseNodeHandler implements ActionHandler {


          public void execute(ExecutionContext executionContext) throws Exception {
              try {
                  String returnValue = this.doExecute(executionContext);
                  if (returnValue == null) {
                  } else {
              } catch (Exception e) {
                  // Start up another process with a task (async tasknode) to deal with this situation?
                  // After manual correction give signal to continue processing?
          public abstract String doExecute(ExecutionContext executionContext) throws Exception;


      When an exception occurs the node is not propagated (leaveNode is not called) and therefore the state of the process is persisted (right?)
      . Then I want to start up another process which creates a task (async tasknode) so a user can make some corrections.


      Is it okay to start another process in the exception block?

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          Arnoud Wolfard Newbie

          Hi Ronald,


          Thank you for your response and the link you gave me.

          But I think I am missing something because I cannot see how this link/page answers my question.


          My main question is, is it valid to start a separate process in my catch block of the ActionHandler?

          This new process has 1 task node (async) so a user can take some corrective action and later on signal the process to continue.


          With kind regards,



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            Ronald van Kuijk Master

            Sorry, the article was about escalation, not exception.


            In the execute method a transaction is active, so I would not do long running things. If you want exceptions handled on a process level, I'd model those in the process as far as possible (since they have business consequences). What you could do is move set e.g. a processvariable with the name of that specific state, move the token to an 'exception handling task' and when finishing that task, move the token back to the original node.

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              Arnoud Wolfard Newbie

              Hi Ronald,


              Thanks for the reply.


              I am aware that the execute is done in a transaction; that's the reason I have an async tasknode in the proces to be started.

              I want to create a separate 'Generic Error Handling'-process for all processes; the exceptions I am talking about here are not Business Exceptions but real technical exceptions like 'Database is temporarly offline'.


              That's why I do not want to model it in my proces.


              Also if I model it in all my processes, I have to connect all nodes to the Generic Error Handling task.


              Technically it is all working in my test environment but I wonder if Exception Handling like this is done before and if it feasable in production environments because I do not find much information about this topic (Exception Handling in JBPM) on the web.