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    Message Tracking

    John Pount Newbie

      We have a vague requirement for "message tracking" ie some way to be able to see how a message progressed through the ESB. We are hoping to use this as a debugging or testing aid ie if a message ends up on a DLQ then you could see how it got there.


      Maybe I could concatenate the service/action names that the message passes through into a message header property and then you could use that property to trace the route - something along the lines of the async continuation sample which prints out to the console which services the message has been through in the pipeline.


      I want it to be as unobtrusive as possible and my first thought was that I might be able to use an input/output filter and update the property each time it was called but I don't think I can get access to the details I need (service/action name etc). I noticed that there is a TraceFilter in newer versions of the ESB (we are on 4.3) that does a similar thing but I need a bit more detail.


      Any suggestions anyone?